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We at Advanced Body Dynamics consider the opportunity to share our gifts with those that work with us an honor and a privilege. The Advanced Body Protocol is a proven system of empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and rehabilitation.

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Personal Training

World Class Personal Training from the exercise specialists at Advanced Body Dynamics.

Exercise Therapy

For individuals with risk factors that require detailed attention, our collaboration based programming will keep your Dr. or Physical Therapist in the loop.

NeuroKinetic Therapy

The pain stops here! NKT is a form of manual therapy that starts the journey towards pain free living. Our physiologists will help you realize your missing link.

Online Personal Training

Have your trainer build a customized training plan for you. Bring your workouts to the gym, track your progress. Your trainer reviews your progress and tweaks your training plan. This is the future of personalized training.

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online personal training program
personal training classes

Training Classes

Find a class that fits in your schedule. Our instructors will show you why Advanced Body Dynamics is the place to be for safe, fun, challenging exercise.

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Recent News

Super Supplements

If you are a healthy adult and want to get the most out of your strength training, you may want to consider a pump inducing supplement such as those from Health Power Technologies. These guys know their stuff! Years of research have lead the Chico based company founded by IFBB PRO Thomas Canepa and IFBB PRO Adam Bankston(both CSU CHICO Alumni) to engineer medical grade supplements that will intensify your pump, your focus, your nutrient absorption, and your overall results. Furthermore, these guys are genuinely passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals with good old fashion know-how. We are proud to support them and recommend their Amino Power and Neuro Power supplements regularly. Check them out on Facebook or check out their information packed website at read more

As Simple As It Gets

I’m always trying to simplify my life. There are always so many obligations, events, movies, books, posts, papers, and general stuff to move around and juggl that I often look for organizational inspiration. I once read a book called LESS. I’m sure you can gather what the premise of the book is by the title, but the methodology of simplicity that the book illustrates is priceless information.  When applied to living a healthy lifestyle, the concept of simplicity  can be broken down to;  eat well and do intervals. Simple and effective or Complex and effective. Win/win! As long as you are eating well and doing intervals, your physical condition will improve. At Advanced body dynamics, we use the ultra timer application to ensure our intervals are top-notch! ... read more

Getting the most out of linear exercise equipment

A board on rails. That’s it. Right? O’contrare my friends. It is an automatic/instant movement feedback mechanism for safe movement. The board and its rails insist on “closed system” movements that keep the joints in alignment while accessing muscle tension differences in the knee and hips. Notice the perfect femur tracking and ankle stability in the picture I have provided. Knee over ankle?! Oh yeah.  The Gravity Training System has been a staple in The Advanced Body Dynamics training protocol since day one. If Chuck Norris endorses it, you know the GTS is worth a second look. Want to give it a try? ... read more
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We at Advanced Body Dynamics consider the opportunity to share our gifts with those that work with us an honor and a privilege. We take pride in bringing our diverse skill set to our local community through hard work, inspiration, and a diligent hunger for continued education and collaboration.

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